Our First House

Jeff and I bought our first house this summer. We’ve loved getting to make it our own. We still have some projects to work on, but we’re pretty proud of how the house has shaped up. Here’s a little tour of our first place.

One of the first things I wanted to do when we bought the house was paint the front door. It was originally an off-white color, and I wanted something that would stand out more. I was thinking a bright turquoise blue, but Jeff vetoed that idea and we settled on this shiny black. I actually love the way it looks, and I’m wanting to add some black shutters soon to really up our curb appeal.

This is our favorite space in the house! This couch is the only furniture we bought when we got the house (everything else was hand-me-down stuff from our families). Jeff really wanted a big sectional, and I had my heart set on this dark grey color. We looked at every store in town before we finally found this one. We love it! I can’t wait to have some parties and fill it up with friends and family.

Notice the cat in the window – that’s George. He is the ruler of the house, and that window is his throne. He loves sunning himself there.

I love my Pioneer Woman linens! I try to keep this table clean and looking neat. I’m so bad to end up stacking stuff up on the table and it makes things look so cluttered and messy. I’ve actually done a pretty good job keeping this one clean since I keep it set with these placemats.

The sign is one of my favorite pieces of artwork in our house. I love the saying on it! It came from Smallwoods. I’ve bought a few different things from them, and I love everything I’ve purchased!

My grandfather made me this awesome bookshelf out of some old recycled wood he had in his barn. Jeff and I both love to read, so I filled the shelves with our combined collection of books.

This is our next project! My grandparents gave me this old dresser, and I really want to use it as a buffet for our dining room. Unfortunately, it’s had some water damage, and the wood is rotten in some places. We’re trying to figure out how to restore it. Hopefully we’ll get that done soon!

I’ll add more pictures of other areas as we get them updated. I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our living room and dining room!

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