Welcoming the New Year

2016 has been a good year for Jeff and me. We got engaged (in January), got married (in March), adopted our cat, George (in April), bought our first house (in June), and adopted our cat, Pickles (in October).

I also marked a few items off my bucket list – like running in a 5k (which I ran with Jeff in February) and going to the Grand Canyon (on our honeymoon trip). I finished my first full year of teaching at West Point and was blessed with a new job in Tuscaloosa this fall. I started this blog in August and have made so many connections with friends from all over the country by sharing my family recipes with y’all. I even completely finished a round of the Whole30 in October with NO CHEATING – which is a pretty big thing for me. I celebrated turning thirty just a few weeks ago, and I must say, twenty nine was a very good year for me.

Even though 2016 was great, it’s the time of year when we turn our attention to what is to come. Jeff and I have already started prepping for our January Whole30 (this time, he’s going to join me in the challenge). I’ve been using this time off between Christmas and New Year’s to try to organize the house a little better and help us prepare for the next season of our lives.

And, of course, since I love making lists, I started working on my New Year’s Resolutions.
I make resolutions every year, and every year, I have completely abandoned them by February. I’m tired of setting goals only to let myself down, so this year, as I was creating my list of things I hoped to achieve in the new year, I realized that it was a pretty pointless list to make. It always seems like I have such great intentions, but then life happens and my resolutions end up tucked away, never to be accomplished and never to  be mentioned again. I don’t want to repeat that cycle in 2017, so I decided to try something different.

I’ve seen other blogger friends who choose a word of the year to focus on. It becomes their mantra – their goal for the year summed up in one simple word.

Unlike a huge list of extra things to do, a word of the year gives me a goal to strive for in the things I am already doing. I like the sound of that. A lot.

So I decided that 2017 is going to be different. Instead of beginning the year with a list of things I wish I could accomplish in the coming year, I’m going to come up with a word to define my year. This word will be my goal. I will study it, find out what Scripture says about it, and figure out how to apply it in all areas of my life.

Sounds much better and easier than a list, right?

That’s what I thought…until I started trying to choose a word. One blogger friend has chosen the word simplify as her word of the year. I really wanted to steal that one, but then I thought about it for a while and decided that my life is already (purposefully) pretty simple. I don’t really feel like that’s the word I need at this season of my life.

So I asked my husband. His word? Without even having to think about it, he blurted out “Adventure!” (This could probably be his word every single year and it describes him so perfectly that I can’t believe I even had to ask him what word he would choose.)

While I love going on adventures with my husband, I don’t really know if I want adventure to be my one word for 2017. I want to tag along on his adventures, but I feel like I need a different focus in my everyday life.

I tossed around different words for a few days, but it was hard to settle on one. I want to make sure that I choose a good word, especially since I’m going to be living with it for an entire year.

I finally settled on a word – one that will bring a much-needed change to many areas of my life and that I hope will help me stress less and get more out of life. My word for 2017 is DISCIPLINE.

I know. It seems like such a yucky word. I thought that at first, too. But I need discipline in my life. Do you know how many times I have left the towels in the washer until they soured because I was either too lazy or too distracted to go downstairs and move them to the dryer? My husband will tell you, it happens a LOT.

I need to be more disciplined in how I spend my time at work, in how I eat and take care of myself, and in how I spend money, in how I spend my free time at home (because, let’s be honest – binge watching Friends on Netflix for the 100th time is not really helping me accomplish anything). I want to be more disciplined in my writing, in my Bible study, and in my church life. As yucky as this word sounds, it is a word I desperately need.

I’m actually excited to dig deeper into discipline and apply this word to all areas of my life. It won’t be easy, but I think it is going to be worth it.

As great as 2016 was, I’m expecting even bigger and better things from 2017. It will be a year of discipline and adventure for the Wallaces! 

What would you choose as your one word for 2017?


You can learn more about choosing a word by visiting myoneword.org.

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