Hospital Door Hanger How-to

So apparently, if you have a baby these days, it is a requirement to have one of those adorable door hangers for your hospital room door with the baby’s name, birth date, time, length, and weight all documented on it. I think they’re the cutest, but I had honestly completely forgotten that I would need/want one until one of my friends had her baby a couple weeks ago and posted a picture of her precious little one and the door hanger on Facebook. 

At first, I was planning to get one on Etsy or at a local baby store, but I had a hard time finding one that went with my nursery theme and wasn’t super expensive. 

Thank goodness for Pinterest and Hobby Lobby, though! I picked up some canvas and paint today (on sale!) and got a little crafty after dinner. 

Even though I am totally not a crafty person, I decided that I could make my own. The design I chose is pretty simple because I needed it to be something that I can actually do by myself.

I started with a blank 8×10 canvas. 

Since there are a lot of blues and greys in the nursery, I decided to paint the border around the canvas grey. I left the middle white to make it easy to put Jack’s name there. 

Before I painted the borders, I sketched a little fox in the bottom corner in pencil. This took a LOT of trial and error, but I’m pretty happy with how the little guy turned out. 

Next, I added Jack’s name in blue. I wanted to use navy blue, but I couldn’t find a navy paint pen and I am no good with a brush, so I went for a bright primary blue instead. I think it turned out pretty cute. 

I also used a black paint pen to give the order a little more definition. 

To tie in the woodland animal theme, I needed the cute little fox in the bottom corner. I picked the easiest looking fox I could find online and and practiced on copy paper a couple times before drawing this little guy onto my canvas in pencil. Then I used paint pens to fill in the colors and do the outline.
For the section with the birth date, time, weight, and length, I started with a blank 5×7 canvas. 

I copied the grey border on this canvas so it would match the other one, then I wrote in the titles and blanks for us to fill in when Jack is born with a black paint pen. 

To hang the canvas, I attached some ribbon to the back with thumbtacks and tied a bow at the top.

I attached the smaller canvas to the big one with more ribbon. A similar door hanger on Etsy was $45. This one cost me around $15 to make and I have extra supplies for another project later, so I call that win! And I think Jack’s door hanger is pretty darn cute, even if I did make it. 😉

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