Baby Jack’s Finished Nursery

The nursery is finally completed! With just a few more weeks before Jack’s due date, it was really getting to me that there were still unfinished projects, so my mom came over today and helped me install the car seat in my car and then we worked on hanging some shelves and organizing the nursery. Here’s the finished room. Now all we need is for Baby Jack to decide when he’s going to make his arrival!

The wall mural that Jeff and I painted is one of my favorite things about this room. We both love nature and we wanted that to be the theme for Jack’s nursery, so I drew these mountains on the wall and Jeff painted them for me. We decided to go with a dark blue for the sky so we could add the glow-in-the-dark stars, and I am so glad we did. They look so cool at night and I know the baby will love looking up at them. A friend made the vinyl letters for us. 

I also love our rocking chair. It is an antique that came from my great-grandmother Freeman’s house. My mom bought the new cushion to match the colors of the nursery and I love how it turned out. On the wall behind the rocking chair, I’ve got a framed cross stitch picture that Mamaw Gibson made for my nursery when I was a baby and some of our maternity pictures.

The cube organizer against this wall came from Target. I am planning to get some navy blue bins to hide toys and clutter to go in the bottom four cubbies at some point, but this works for now. 

One thing I really wanted where the floating shelves for books. I had big plans to DIY them myself, but that didn’t happen. My mom and Papaw Hoot made these for me and Jeff painted them. We screwed them directly into the studs to make sure they are secure. I love how these allow me to display Jack’s books. 

The metal USA wall hanging came from Michael’s, and the Little Explorer Wood Sign is from Hobby Lobby.

For Jack’s changing table, we used an old dresser than was handed down to us from my uncle. We just cleaned it up a little and added new knobs from Hobby Lobby. I bought the changing pad and cover at Walmart. The woodland animal art prints hanging above the dresser are from Amazon. Jeff’s mom got those for us. The little fox trash can was a lucky find in the bathroom aisle at Walmart. 

I used an old nightstand that was handed down to me from my great aunt as a side table for my rocking chair. It was already a pretty close match to the chair and the crib, so I left it in its original finish and just changed the knobs to match the ones on the dresser. The owl nightlight soother is from Target and the woodland animal lamp is from Babies R Us.

This teddy bear is one of the first things I purchased for the nursery. He was just too cute for me to pass up, and he goes perfectly with our mountain and woodland animal theme. The letter board was a lucky find at Target (it was only $12!).

I originally intended to just pick one of our maternity photos to frame and hang in the nursery, but they were all so good that I couldn’t just pick one. I found these frames on sale for half price at Hobby Lobby and ordered the prints from Shutterfly. 

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