The Daily Dime: A Day in the Life –  July Edition

Hey, everyone! Today, I’m linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Kristen at Taz and Belly, for the Daily Dime: a monthly day in the life link up post. In this post, I’ll be sharing ten photos from my day and letting you see what really happens around here during a typical day. If you want to join in on the fun, check out the link above and share your own post! Make sure to link back to be so I can check our your post! 

I’m going to be sharing photos from Monday, July 10th. I shared my day on my Instagram story, and I’m just going to take my ten photos straight from there. This is my real life – brought to you with no filter. I hope you enjoy spending the day with me! 

6:48 am – Good morning! While I’m sure that every other teacher in Alabama is probably enjoying sleeping in, I have pregnancy insomnia and can’t sleep. I’ve been laying in bed since Jeff left 30 minutes ago and can’t go back to sleep, so I decided to go ahead and get up. Remember my post from a few days ago about keeping your house clean? I totally didn’t do any of those things before bed last night, so I have tons of chores to get done today. 

8:32 am – We are out of basically everything, and with the baby coming any day now, I need to go stock up. I went to Winn Dixie, and while I normally hate grocery shopping, it actually wasn’t too bad this morning. The store was basically deserted. Maybe I should go shopping at 8 in the morning every time. I got all my groceries, checked out, and had the car loaded and was on the way home in about 30 minutes. I also used my Ibotta app and earned $2.50 back on my purchases. (Yay!) If you don’t have the Ibotta app, you can click the link above and join my team to start earning money back on all your grocery purchases. 

10:23 am – Once I got home and got all the groceries put away, I tossed a load of laundry in the washer. Laundry is a never ending thing at my house. I can’t believe how many clothes two people can go through in a week. I have no idea how I’m going to keep up when we add Baby Jack to the mix…

11:26 am – I’m working on getting some more recipes on the blog, and today I posted my Mamaw Gibson’s famous fruit salad recipe. I also laid out some chicken for supper tonight. 

1:40 pm – I went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and then spent about an hour walking around Hobby Lobby and Office Depot. I could spend hours and thousands of dollars in Hobby Lobby… I for real think I have a problem! At Office Depot, I had to get some color copies made for school next year. I’m trying really hard to get everything prepped and ready for my classes before Jack gets here. 

See all the goodies I got? I need help.

4:21 pm – I’m working on cutting out some grammar task cards that I purchased from The Daring English Teacher on Teachers Pay Teachers. Check out that belly – Jack has been kicking like crazy this afternoon. In case you can’t tell, he’s out of room! I think it’s about time for him to be evicted. 

5:14 pm – Once Jeff got home, I put all my school stuff up and got busy cooking dinner. The first thing I whipped up was some cornbread. I’ve been craving some peas and cornbread for a couple days, and we bought some fresh purple hull peas at the farmers’ market on Saturday, so that’s what I cooked tonight. I also fried some chicken strips for Jeff and a chicken breast for myself. 

6:34 pm – Dinner time! We ate in front of the TV while watching the Enron documentary on Netflix. (We are documentary nerds.) Also, how cute is this tiny can of Dr. Pepper? I’m trying to limit my sodas, but sometimes I just really crave one, so I bought an 8 pack of these little 8 ounce cans this morning. It’s the perfect serving size. 

The rest of our night was spent watching Netflix on the couch. 

I hope you enjoyed spending a day in the life with me! Make sure to check out some of the hosts of the Daily Dime link party! 

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