Little Letters – July

Today is the Little Letter Link Up with Taz and Belly! Go check out the original post on her site to join in!
Dear Jeff,

Thank you for being my partner in life. You’ve been the best support I could ever ask for during these last 9 months of pregnancy. I can’t wait to begin the adventure of parenthood with you. I know that you are going to be the best dad. I’m so thankful for you and I love you so much!

Dear Jack, 

As of today, we are 9 days from your due date. I know that I’m always running late, but if you want to be early, I’d totally support that. We can’t wait to meet you!

Dear Shop Pink Blush Maternity Dress,

You are my favorite dress of all time. That is all.

Dear Pickles,

The stroller is not for cats, but you’re too cute for me to punish you, and you know it. Just stay in the bottom section and we’re good.

Dear Bangs,

You were a very bad decision and you will remain pinned back until you grow out. Let’s not do this to each other again, okay? 

Dear Letter Board,

I can’t believe I almost paid $40 for you on Amazon. So glad I found you at Target for $12 instead! We’re going to have so much fun making pictures with Jack when he gets here! 

Dear LipSense, Target, and Hobby Lobby,

Should I just have my paycheck direct deposited to you guys, or what? 

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