Daddy’s Hospital Survival Kit

Having a baby is a major life changing event. For the last nine months, I’ve gotten to experience life growing inside me. I’ve felt the baby’s every move, from late night hiccups to those moments where it felt like he was somersaulting around inside me. Everywhere we go, people want to touch my belly and they ask how I’m feeling and they ohh and ahh over me. 

When the baby gets here, that attention will shift from me to him. Everyone will want to hold him and they’ll talk about how cute he is and all things in our life will revolve around the baby.

Somehow, it seems that my husband is the one who is getting left out of this celebration. His life is about to change, too, and even though he’s not the one who has carried this baby for nine months and he’s not the one who has to physically go through childbirth, he’s an important part of this event. He has been my biggest support during pregnancy, and he will be the person standing by my side, holding my hand and encouraging me through delivery.    He’s also going to be the one sleeping in a hospital chair for a few nights, helping fill out paperwork, making sure the car seat is properly installed, and running any errands that need to be run.

I think that a lot of times, it’s easy for dads to get left out in this whole baby thing. I know that in the middle of labor, I’m probably not going to be singing my husband’s praises and telling him how awesome he is for standing there while I’m pushing a human into the world, but I do want him to know how much I need and appreciate his support and love. 

To do that, I’m making him a Daddy’s Hospital Survival Kit for when we go to the hospital. It’s not much of a gift, but hopefully it will be enough for him to feel appreciated and give him some of the comforts of home while we spend a few days in the hospital. 

I started out with everything in this basket, but it was so bulky that I felt like it would be hard to carry into the hospital…

So, I went to Lowe’s and got a small tool tool box (it was around $8 and is something that we can definitely use again, either at home or in my classroom, so I felt like it was a totally justifiable purchase). This also allows me to keep this as more of a surprise (he’ll obviously see the box, but can’t see what all is inside it until we get into our hospital room) and it having a handle makes it a lot easier for us to carry into the hospital.

I looked up Daddy’s Hospital Survival Kits on Pinterest and found this cute printable to attach to the top of my box on this blog. I just printed it out and taped it to the top of the box. Then, I filled the tool box with goodies. I used the little caddy in the top of the box for toiletries and the bottom part for snacks.

Here’s what Jeff’s kit includes:

  • Energy drinks – Jeff’s going to have a tough job at the hospital between running interference between visitors (because NOBODY but him is going to be allowed back into the room while I am in labor or until I am cleaned up and presentable) and helping keep me calm and sane during the whole process. He’s definitely going to need his energy, so I picked up a couple 5 Hour Energy drinks for him.
  • Snacks – I filled the bottom section of the toolbox with some of Jeff’s favorite snacks, like mini muffins, granola bars, cookies, sunflower seeds, and his favorite candy and gum.
  • Toiletries – Since we’re going to be staying at the hospital, Jeff will need some basic toiletries while we’re there. I went down the travel aisle and picked up some body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, and other essentials. 
  • A card – I love cards. I buy one almost every time I go to the store and I just leave random little notes and cards for Jeff all the time, so this occasion definitely required a card. I found one at Target for new dads that was perfect. 
  • Devotion Book for Dads – I found a little devotion book on sale at Sam’s and picked it up to include in Jeff’s kit, too. 


Baby Jack was born on Sunday, July 23 at 2:57 a.m. We had a long, but healthy labor. All the nurses and everyone at the hospital kept looking at Jeff’s kit and thought it was adorable. It really came in handy for him during my 15 hour labor to have these snacks and things! 

Here’s my handsome husband with our new baby, Jack!

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  1. Ellen July 24, 2017 / 7:38 pm

    How thoughtful! You made sure Jeff knows he is a partner in all things!

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