Friday Introductions: Special Edition

Meet Jack Cooper Wallace. 

Jack was born on Sunday, July 23 at 2:57 a.m. He weighed 8 pounds and was 20 1/2 inches long. 

My water broke at 9:30 on Saturday morning, and we headed to the hospital to be admitted. By 12:00, we were in a room and the doctor started me on Pitocin to help get some contractions started. 

After a long day and night, we finally welcomed Jack into the world and instantly fell in love. 

The Before Picture – This was right after we got to our room at the hospital.

The After Picture – Mama’s looking rough, but Jack looks cute.

Jack hanging out with Daddy. 
Our Hospital Stay – 

We were blessed to have the best nurses and doctors during our stay at the hospital. Both of the labor nurses who helped us were awesome, and everyone we dealt with was great. 

Getting Ready to Come Home – 

Our awesome nurse, Mrs. Brooke. She was our labor nurse on Saturday and then checked in on us every day until we went home. 

All ready to come home in his fancy outfit. 

Holding Daddy’s hand.

Our First Day at Home – 

Visiting with Mamaw Gibson and Papaw Hoot.

Jack’s First Bath – 

Jack is NOT a fan of baths, so Daddy had to comfort him after Mama and Mamaw Tina ruined his night by giving him a sponge bath.  

Jack’s First Doctor’s Appointment – 

Waiting to see the doctor with Mama. 

Playtime with Daddy.

Hanging out with Uncle Joe Paul. 

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