Happy Halloween!

It’s Jack’s first Halloween! While we aren’t going Trick or Treating (it’s not like he can eat the candy anyway), we do have a Fall Festival at my mom’s church tomorrow night and Jack had a dress up day at his daycare last week, so he had to have a super cute costume. Of course, I had to turn my child into Charlie Brown. 

I have always loved the Peanuts cartoons, and Charlie Brown just seemed perfect for Jack’s sweet little personality.

I was going to buy a Charlie Brown shirt for his costume, but those things were $20 on Amazon, and that’s ridiculous for a baby’s shirt. Instead, I found this little yellow shirt on Amazon and painted on the stripe with a black paint pen that I already had. I paired it with solid black pants (I know Charlie Brown wore shorts, but it’s been too cold for shorts these last few days). Of course, Charlie Brown has to have his trusty old dog, Snoopy, with him, so I found this little stuffed Snoopy that’s small enough for Jack to hold at the Hallmark store.

Since Jack is so little, this Halloween was kind of low key, but I know that when he gets older, I’m going to want to start traditions like carving pumpkins, watching Charlie Brown’s Halloween movie, and making Halloween cookies or other treats. What are your Halloween traditions? Please let me know in the comments! I need some suggestions for next year. 

Happy Halloween! 🎃 

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