Little Letters – November Edition

I’m a day late with this post. Yesterday just did not feel like Friday and I forgot to post it. Oh, well. One day late is better than never, right? If you want to join in on the Little Letters Linkup, head over to Taz and Belly’s blog for the details!

Dear November, You have been lovely so far. I’m loving the cooler weather you have brought us in the last few days and hope that it is here to stay. You’re one of my favorite months, and I’m looking forward to everything else you have to bring in the next few weeks!

Dear Nasty Cold, I’ve had more than enough of you torturing my baby. Hit the road and stay gone!

Dear Pediatrician, Thanks so much for reminding this new mom that babies in daycare are just going to get sick more often. That’s exactly what my mom-guilt needed on the day I brought my sick baby to your office. On a serious note, thanks for answering ALL my questions and not rushing us through because it was just a cold.

Dear Thanksgiving Break Beach Trip, I’ll be seeing you in SEVEN days and I can’t wait!

Dear Motivation, I really need you to show up and stick around. Going to the gym is SO HARD, and I need your help. This baby weight has got to go.

Dear Baby Jack, I’m so glad that you are a happy and healthy baby. This week of the worst cold ever has been rough. I never would have thought that I could love somebody enough to not even be mad when that person projectile vomits all over me (three times), but here we are. Even when you’re sick, you are the best baby and your daddy and I love you so much. Right now, you’re in your swing and are talking to the sheep on your mobile. I love the sweet little noises you make and your sweet little grin. You are the best gift I’ve ever been given.

Dear Deer on a Dark Country Road, Did you seriously have to cross the road at the exact moment that my car was going by? I really didn’t want to hit you, but you came out of nowhere and it was so dark! You and your little friends need to stay in the woods, okay?

Dear Usborne Books, I have fallen in love with your company and already have so many books on Jack’s wishlist! Of course, we have got to have the Hey, Jack! book series. How could we not buy that for our little Baby Jack? You will be seeing a LOT of me in the next few years…

Dear Christmas, I love you, but I am just not ready for you yet. Everywhere I look, people are putting up decorations and already buying presents, and I’m over here trying to figure out what happened to September and October. This is Jack’s first Christmas, so we’ve got to make it magical! Here’s to starting new traditions and enjoying the season! Get ready to explode into our living room the day after Thanksgiving!

Dear 52 Week Gratitude Challenge, I am already having so much fun with you! I think this challenge is really going to be good for me. I’m excited for the next 50 weeks.

Dear Alabama Basketball, Congrats on your win against Memphis last night! We are excited and looking forward to a great season with you this year. Jack was watching with amazing concentration for a 3 month old, so I think it’s safe to say that you have a new little biggest fan! Roll Tide!

Dear Mama, Thank you so much for helping with Jack this week while he has been sick. I don’t know what we’d do without you!

Dear Miss Ellen, Thank you so much for letting us use your car while ours is in the shop! You are the best! Jack loved getting to hang out with you yesterday. He loves snuggling with Grandma Ellen!

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