Hello, March!

February felt like the longest and dreariest month ever, and I am so thankful today for fresh starts, a new page on the calendar, and sunshine!

Last month’s goals were mostly a bust. I did drink more water, but other than reaching that goal, I totally bombed everything else. It was constantly cold and rainy here, and I felt like my mood and motivation matched the weather.

Now, the days are starting to warm up and the sun is out, and it’s time to do spring cleaning and get to work on this month’s goals.

I took a step backwards in my weight loss journey in February, so I’m planning to get back on track with a Whole30 mini-reset starting on Monday. I’m also going to try to start working out consistently, which is always a very difficult thing for me.

At home, I’m going to be working on cleaning and organizing as much as I can. I’ll have a week off for Spring Break this month that I can dedicate to some house projects.

March is full of celebrations for us. My dad’s birthday is on the 3rd, Jeff and I celebrate our anniversary on the 12th, and I have Spring Break this month (woo-hoo!). We’ve already got some fun things planned that are leading up to Easter, so it should be a fun month!

Goals for March:

  • Finish at least one book (why is reading a book such a hard thing for me to do lately?)
  • Whole30 mini-reset
  • Make the bed every day (my goal from last month that didn’t happen)
  • Workout twice a week (baby steps, folks)
  • Spring cleaning
  • Get more comfortable using my Instant Pot
  • Attempt making baby food for Jack

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