Hello, June!

We kicked off this month with a visit to Mamaw’s house and a sushi dinner followed by some music and fun at Live at the Plaza (a local summer concert series at Government Plaza in downtown Tuscaloosa) tonight. It was the perfect way to start our first month of summer break.

School has been out for one week, which has been exactly long enough for me to realize that I vastly overestimated my motivation and ability to do all the things when I originally made my summer to-do list. Now that Jack is crawling and trying to stand and walk, there’s no keeping him corralled in the pack-n-play, which means that I’m chasing after a wild boy all day, which is equally fun and exhausting. I had lots of home improvement projects on my list for this summer, but I’m starting to doubt that I’ll get as much done as I originally thought.

I am going to be creating and sharing a lot of recipes with you guys this summer, though, and I’m going to start a Taste of Tuscaloosa series soon where I’ll be sharing Jeff’s and my favorite local places to eat around town.

Besides that, my plans are to just spend as much time with Jack, Jeff, and my family as possible and maybe even find time to read a book or two. Jack and I are going to try to mark off all the things on our summer bucket list, too.

We have a couple of trips planned and I’ll also be sharing some tips for traveling with a baby (after our trips and we see how it goes…).

I hope you have a fantastic and fun summer! What are your plans for June? Let me know in the comments!

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