Little Letters – June 2018

This is one of my favorite link ups hosted by Kristen at Taz and Belly. If you want to join the fun, check out her original post here and link up by sharing your little letters!

Dear Jack,

I can’t believe that you’re already 10 months old. I’m so glad I get to stay home with you this summer. I love this stage right now where you’re trying to talk and pulling up and getting into everything. I’m exhausted, but it’s fun. I love you, little man.

Dear Summer Break,

I am so glad that you are finally here and that you’re bringing me some days of rest and spending time at home with Jack. This school year was really tough for me, and I’m so thankful for this time to recharge. I’m looking forward to lazy summer days, lots of little weekend trips, and reading a few great books (like these).

Dear Devil’s Den Hiking Trail,

You kicked my booty today and reminded me of how badly I need to get in shape. You were beautiful, though, and Jeff and I had a lot of fun climbing around your hills and caves.

Dear Incredibles 2,

I know that I am 31 years old, but I can’t wait for you to come out. I will be standing in line at the movie theater with all the kids on June 15th. You better be as good as the original Incredibles and you better live up to the hype that’s been built up with all these teasers and ads. I. Can’t. Wait.

Dear Crawpappy’s Restaurant,

Thanks for serving us the best étouffée ever today. We’re glad we found you as we were driving around today and I will forever be trying to make that dish as well as you did.

Dear Hyundai,

I’m a little miffed at you right now. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve been a great vehicle, but I can’t get over the fact that you broke down and left me and Jack on the side of the road earlier this week. Looks like you’re going to get a brand new engine out of the deal, though, and I’m glad you at least chose to blow up on a day when Jeff was already close by to come get us so we didn’t have to be stranded long.

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