Jack’s First Zoo Trip

Last weekend, we drove up to Birmingham for Jack’s first zoo trip. We’ve taken Jack to the aquarium in Chattanooga and the aquarium on Dauphin Island, and he absolutely loved looking at the fish, so we thought he’d enjoy seeing other animals, too.

Of course, Jack ran straight to the fish as soon as we walked through the gate. The boy loves fish. He did enjoy some of the other animals, but it was so hot that he was kind of over the experience pretty quickly.

Jack really liked seeing the monkeys.

We also rose the train, which was probably Jack’s favorite part of the experience. He loves trains right now, and he kept saying “I ride the train!” while we were riding.

I think we’re going to have to go back in the fall when it’s not so hot and we can enjoy the day a little more. The heat made it impossible for us to see all the different parts of the zoo, and there were lots of animals we skipped seeing because Jack (and Mama and Daddy) was getting so hot.

Despite the heat and the fact that we didn’t see everything, it was still a fun way to spend the morning together. This little smile made it worth every drop of sweat.

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