Dinosaur Birthday Bash – Jack’s 2nd Birthday

This weekend, we had a joint birthday party for Jack (turning 2) and his first cousin, Zachary (turning 4). We decided on a dinosaur theme, and for the most part we kept the planning pretty simple.

I found these adorable invitations on Etsy and had them printed at Office Depot. I decided to use the colors from the invitations as my color scheme for the rest of the decorations.

Whenever we plan a party, the menu is typically the first thing we plan. We were going to order chicken wings from one of our favorite bbq spots, but ended up changing our minds at the last minute and doing hot dogs on the grill. Jeff doesn’t mind grilling them up during the party, and everyone seems to like those (including picky kids), so it was an easy option. I just made sure to get lots of condiments for toppings.

I also cut up some fruit and veggies and bought some individual bags of chips. I’m all about keeping the food simple when I have a crowd coming over.

For the cake, my mom (who runs a bakery) made Jack’s favorite chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and decorated it so we could top it with little dinosaur toys. She also made two cupcakes so the boys could use those to blow out candles.

She also made these adorable sugar cookies. These are always a big hit at any party that we have, and I love being able to just show her a picture and know she can make whatever fits my party theme.

I looked up dinosaur birthday ideas on Pinterest and found thousands of ideas for fun activities. I ended up just choosing to do one main activity for the kids – a dinosaur dig in the sandbox. I ordered this bucket of toy dinosaurs from Amazon and used them to bury in the sandbox and to use as decorations for the cake, so it was a really cheap activity to put together and I got some decorations out of it, too. As you can tell from the pictures, the kids loved it. For the sandbox, we just used a small plastic kiddie pool from the dollar store and got some play sand from our local hardware store. I found some shovels at Target in the dollar spot and they were great for the kids to use to dig up the dinosaurs.

For party favors, I found some cute color-your-own dinosaur puzzles and wooden ornaments at Michael’s and put them in little bags with a dinosaur temporary tattoo (from Hobby Lobby) and a couple markers.

When it comes to kids’ parties, I’m all about keeping things simple, and I think this one was a hit! I hope you enjoyed seeing our ideas. You can find lots of other cool ideas (that I didn’t take the time to actually incorporate into this party) on my Pinterest board.

I also realized that I never shared Jack’s first birthday party last summer, so I’ll be putting together a post about it soon!

I can’t believe this little guy is already two! The years are flying by!

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