Jack’s Big Boy Room Inspiration (and our parenting fail)

My little guy is officially two years old!

The time has flown by since he was born and it has been so fun to watch him grow and develop his own little personality. I have loved every stage, from infant (which actually surprised me, because I’ve never been much of a baby person) to now, but I have to say the toddler stage is probably my favorite. I love that Jack is talking now and that he has his own opinions and can express himself. That sometimes leads us to a struggle of wills (I’ll get to that in a second), but for the most part, this stage is just fun.

For Jack’s second birthday, Jeff and I decided that instead of getting him a gift, we would makeover his bedroom into a “big boy room.” I’m actually ashamed to say that since we moved into this house a year ago, we haven’t done a single thing to Jack’s room to make it special for him. We unintentionally ended up allowing him to co-sleep with us when he was a baby (because we were totally clueless and tired and in survival mode as new parents), so he’s always been in the bed with us and it just seemed pointless to put lots of effort into a room he wasn’t going to use. The older he got, the harder it was to get him to sleep in his own space (like I said, it’s a battle of wills and it always seemed that we caved before he stopped screaming). Now that he’s two, co-sleeping just isn’t working out for us anymore. It’s like sleeping with a drunk octopus and typically I end up with a crick in my neck and crazy hair (because he pulls it all night long) and Jeff ends up in the guest bedroom because he can’t sleep with Jack wiggling so much.

In an effort to correct our parenting fail, we are attempting to get Jack to sleep in his own bed by making his new big boy room a REALLY BIG DEAL around here. We’ve been talking it up for the last few days, and today, we went to Target after his 2 year old check up to let him pick out some sheets for his new big boy bed.

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you might remember Jack’s super cute, mountain themed nursery at our previous house (pictured below).

I really loved the space we created for him there, and even though he rarely slept in his crib in that room, we did use it a lot for playing and tummy time because it had carpet and the living room didn’t. You can tell from the pictures and all the toys that it was a well used space. I think we made a major misstep in not making his room here special right away, but hopefully this little makeover will remedy that and get him excited to sleep in his own bed.

Before I show you Jack’s new big boy room, I want you to see what we’re currently working with. Here’s the current set up in Jack’s room:

Please don’t judge all the piles of stuff – this is real life, folks! We obviously need to make storage and organization a priority in here.

We started out with just the crib and a dresser in here, then we needed to add the full bed for guests last Christmas and we never moved it out. Now, we’re going to make the full sized bed Jack’s big boy bed and we’re going to move out the crib. We have a chest of drawers that matches the bed and nightstand in the room already, and will add a space for toy storage somewhere. We’re also planning to change up the closet to make it more functional. We obviously need to add some blinds to the window to block the light and I’ve got to find some cute artwork to hang up in the space. I definitely want to put down a rug to make it more comfortable for Jack to play in the floor in here.

Here are some of my inspiration photos from Pinterest (you can find the links to go with these photos and see more by visiting my Pinterest page and clicking on the board titled Jack’s Big Boy Room):

I’m going to be working on this space for the next few days and can’t wait to share the finished space with you soon!

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