Jack’s Mickey Mouse Birthday Bash

Last week, I shared Jack’s dinosaur birthday party and realized that I never shared what we did for his first birthday party last year. When he turned one, he loved Mickey Mouse (he still does), so we had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party.

I ordered a few decorations from Amazon, but Jack’s cousin had a Mickey Mouse themed party a few months before and his mom shared all her decorations with us, which was awesome (we love hand-me-downs!).

Planning the menu was really fun – we had a “Hot Diggety Dog” hot dog bar with grilled hot dogs and all kinds of toppings. My mom made chili and we had lots of condiments so people could create whatever kind of hot dog they wanted. We also had chips and dip, a veggie tray, and my mom made cupcakes and decorated sugar cookies to look like the characters from the show.

Lots of the women in my family cook and bake, and my Aunt Wanda has made birthday cakes for as long as I can remember. She wanted to make something for Jack, so she made his smash cake. He had never really had cake before, so we weren’t sure how he’d react to having his own little cake, but he went in face first and loved it!

For drinks, we had coolers of bottled water, soft drinks, and juice for the kids.

We went all out for the first party and had a house full of people. We also had the party one day after moving in to this house (we’re kind of crazy and like a challenge, apparently), so it was a super busy month preparing the house to move and planning the party all at the same time. It definitely would not have come together without my mom because she handled a lot of the party planning while I was painting and unpacking.

Here are some pictures from Jack’s first birthday party! I hope you enjoy them!

Party Resources: High Chair Banner and Bib, Cookies and Cupcakes, Cupcake Toppers, Mickey Mouse 1 Year Old Candles

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