Henry’s Nursery Inspiration

Before we found out the gender of the baby a few weeks ago, Jeff was absolutely certain we were having a girl. I’m not gonna lie, all his girl talk had me dreaming of a nursery full of pretty florals. Now that I know I’m decorating for a boy, I’ve honestly been kind of stumped on what to do for Henry’s space.

We don’t want to give up our guest bed in the extra room, so we’re either going to make the third bedroom a nursery/guest room or we’re going to put Henry in our room until he’s old enough to move into the same room as Jack (which is probably more practical because he’ll be in our room in the bassinet for the first 6 months or so anyway). I think our boys will enjoy sharing a room while they’re little, and since we do actually use our guest room, I’m leaning towards that option.

Either way, I want the space we create for Henry to be special. I already feel like he’s going to think we weren’t as excited for him since I haven’t kept up with bump pictures or kept a pregnancy journal for him (being pregnant and a toddler mom is no joke, y’all – I’ve never been so exhausted in my entire life). I definitely want a pretty and finished space that is just for him, even if it is a shared space.

I’ve been searching Pinterest for inspiration, and I’ve pretty much decided I want to do something with warm wood tones, cream, and dark green for Henry’s space. (That would fit with our current decor in the master bedroom if we decide to just put Henry’s crib in one corner of our room, or it would make a cute shared space in Jack’s room, or give the guest room a nice facelift if we choose to redo that space.)

Here are some of my favorite inspiration pictures so far (you can find all the original links for these images by visiting “Henry’s Nursery” on my Pinterest board):

I absolutely love the gold crib in this picture, but we’re reusing the crib we used for Jack, which is wood and has thicker slats. I do think I want to find a similar blanket to bring in some warmth and color, and I love the simple, white bedding.

The simple black and white with pops of gold against the green background is another one of my favorites. I love the big rug, which is definitely something we’ll need since we have hardwoods throughout our house.

Of course, I love everything about this collection. I’m a book nerd at heart, so all the library themed things are right up my alley. I especially love the antique card catalog (not just for a nursery, but pretty much for any room in my house) and the black and white rug. I think some posters of old book covers would make really cool artwork for above the crib.

I know that I’ve already shared my inspiration for Jack’s Big Boy Room, but the more I look at this, the more I’m leaning toward the boys sharing a room. I already have an iron bed, and all it would need is a few coats of black spray paint to look like this. I haven’t painted Jack’s room yet, but I’m really starting to lean towards green with black and white instead of red, white, and blue…

Now that I’ve got some cohesive inspiration pictures, I just have to figure out what room I’m going to decorate… What would you do? Make it a guest room/nursery, or have the boys share a room (and just have the bassinet in our master for the first few months)?

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