Makeover Monday – Boys’ Room Progress and Final Design Plan

I wish I had a completed room to share with you this month, but we’ve been moving slowly on this makeover since I’m back at work and our schedule is kind of hectic. Last month, I shared my inspiration post for Jack’s Big Boy Room, followed by an inspiration post for Henry’s Nursery. After looking on Pinterest for weeks and really thinking about the way we use our home, I decided that I wanted to keep our guest bedroom and have the boys share a room while they are little. I ended up ditching my original plans for Jack’s room (despite my love for navy and white) and found some really cute inspiration pictures on Pinterest for National Parks themed rooms that I thought would be perfect for two little boys.

Here’s my favorite inspiration room from Pinterest. This post was originally made by:

I love the green walls, which surprised me because I’m usually not a huge fan of green. I also really like the mixture of wood and black furniture and the clean lines of this room. Jeff and I both like the National Parks theme and I’m planning to make a banner just like the one pictured in this room. Since we’ll have a twin bed for Jack and a crib for Henry, we won’t have room for a full book wall like the one in the picture (which I actually love and wish we could do), but the colors and clean lines here are my main inspiration for the boys’ space.

Once I settled on a good plan, I chose my paint color and started shopping.

I love these little color collection brochures from Sherwin Williams at Lowe’s. I’ve actually used quite a few of the colors from this vintage collection in our home already, and I loved the green color on the cover of this brochure. I went with Sherwin Williams Talipot Palm in an eggshell finish for the wall color. I’m planning to stick to neutrals for the bedding, and will add in some pops of orange, blue, red, and yellow with accents like the National Parks posters and postcard banner.

I’m a very visual person, so the next thing I did is draw out a floor plan to figure out how I want everything to fit into the room. This drawing is obviously not to scale, but it helps me see how things will fit together at the beginning so I kind of know what I need for a project.

When I started shopping, I knew I wanted black and white bedding and a neutral rug. I don’t want the boys’ bedding to exactly match, but I wanted to make sure it went together, and black and white seemed like a safe way to do different patterns but still have a cohesive look.

I started out shopping on Amazon, where I got the following pieces for the room:

I love the patterns of these pillow covers, and I especially love the camel colored leather one. I may end up stealing that one for my bedroom.
I bought one of these wire racks to use as book storage, and I’m thinking about buying two more. I’m going to wait until I get the first one on the wall to see how sturdy it is, but I love the look of it.
I am in love with this rug. I wanted the 8×10 size, but for budget’s sake decided to go with the 5×7 instead. I think that size will be fine since we’re putting two beds in the room. I’m excited to finally have a rug in here so Jack and Henry can crawl and play together. I love our hardwood floors, but they don’t make the best play spot for little ones.

Next, I found some black and white crib sheets at (through Pinterest).

I saw these on Pinterest and just couldn’t resist. When I visited the site, they had a 10% off coupon for your first purchase, and they offered free shipping. I haven’t received this item yet, but I’m hoping it looks as good in person as it does online, because I love the black and white pattern.

So far, we’ve just gotten the first coat of paint on the wall. I’m getting close to that nesting phase and want it done, so I’m hoping we can knock it out by the end of this month.

Just to keep it real with you, here are a few progress shots of the room, blotchy first coat of paint and all the furniture jumbled together in the center of the floor and all…

Here’s what’s left on our to do list:

  • Finish painting (I’m hoping that just one more coat will do it).
  • Clean and paint twin bed frame black (my grandfather found a really cute iron bed and gave it to me after Jack was born to be his bed someday, and he’s finally big enough for it!). I’ve considered painting the crib black, as well, but I’m going to try mixing the black and wood first and see how I like it.
  • Paint dresser/changing table black and update drawer pulls.
  • Buy mattress for twin bed.
  • Find black and white bedding for Jack’s bed.
  • Make National Parks banner and find some vintage National Park Posters to use as artwork in the room.
  • Accessorize (I need a cute lamp for Jack’s nightstand and I know I want a red lantern and I’m trying to find a stuffed Smokey the Bear. I also need to get pillow stuffers for the covers I bought on Amazon, and I need to find a cute chair or bean bag for the reading nook).
  • Organize the closet to make room for two boys (this might have to be a whole different project/post later on).

My goal is to have this room completely finished by the end of September so we’ll have a few months to get Jack used to sleeping in there before the baby comes. We’re hoping that giving him a cool bedroom will help ease that transition (you can read more about that and our sleep training issues here).

Here are some of the National Parks posters and artwork I’m loving and considering buying as accents for the room (all from Etsy and linked below):

Great Smoky Mountains Poster
Grand Canyon Poster
Yellowstone Park Poster

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