Preparing for Baby – Daddy’s Hospital Survival Kit

When Jack was born, I shared a post about how I made a Daddy’s Hospital Survival Kit for Jeff. I originally found the idea on Pinterest and loved that it was a way to celebrate Jeff becoming a dad. So many things only focus on baby and mama during that time, but becoming a father is a huge deal and should be celebrated, too.

This is my favorite picture from our Fresh 48 session with Jack at the hospital. Seeing him become a dad was such a special experience.

This time around, as I’m getting all our bags packed for the hospital (little man will be here in two weeks or less!), I made sure to pull out the tool box I used to make Jeff’s Survival Kit last time and fill it with goodies. He’ll be at the hospital just as long as I will (trying to sleep in a recliner because the pull out bed in the room is too short for him), and he deserves some treats and some comforts of home, too.

You can see what I packed for him last time here. It was a really neat thing to have last time because he had travel toiletries and snacks and we both used things out of his box multiple times during our hospital stay. Even our nurses and my doctor mentioned how neat it was when they saw it sitting on the counter in our room.

This time, Jeff’s kit contains the following items:

  • His favorite Starbucks Cold Brew with Cocoa and Honey
  • Gatorade Zero drinks
  • Trail mix
  • Larabars
  • Beef jerky sticks
  • Fruit snacks
  • Pistachios
  • Mints
  • Individual flavored drink mix packets for his water
  • Travel sized deodorant
  • Travel sized shampoo
  • Travel toothbrush
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Fingernail clippers
  • #1 Dad socks (I found this two pack on Amazon)
  • Chapstick
  • Travel sized toothpaste
  • Travel sized mouthwash
  • Travel sized body wash
  • Cotton swabs
  • Melatonin gummies
  • Advil

I’ve just got to get a card – or maybe make one – to stick in the bottom of the box and I’ll be done.

Last time, I kept this box of goodies a surprise, but this time Jeff knows I’ve been putting it together (he’s even snuck some of his goodies out early and I’ve had to go back to get more). Even though he knows about it this time, I think it does mean a lot to him to have something that’s his and for me to put in the effort to show him how much I appreciate his love and support. I really don’t know how I would have made it through labor without him last time. He was so encouraging and sweet and kept telling me how awesome I was doing even when I was just beyond exhausted and wanted to give up.

If you’re making a box like this, you might also want to include a roll of quarters for the vending machine or some cash for the hospital cafeteria (I don’t need to add this since Jeff works at the hospital and can use his ID to buy things at the vending machines and cafeteria, but it would be super helpful for someone who doesn’t have that option). I don’t know about your hospital, but ours only offers one meal to mom and dad, and the rest are for mom only (since she’s the actual patient), so having some money to get a meal, snacks, and drinks is always a good thing and lots of people forget to bring cash for the vending machines.

If you’re having a baby, this is a great way to make your husband feel special during the whole birth experience (because they really do get left out and don’t get much attention). Or, if you know someone who is having a baby soon and want to give them a really neat and meaningful gift, making a kit like this is a thoughtful way to show a new dad in your life that you care. You could even make a similar one for mom and dad to share so they have some little goodies to make their hospital stay more comfortable.

Now that this kit is all put together and my hospital bag is packed (I’ll share about what I packed in a separate post later this week), we’re just waiting for Henry to decide he’s ready to meet us face to face. I’m going to miss feeling his constant kicks and wiggles, but I also can’t wait to actually see his little face and hold him in my arms.

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