Boys’ Shared Bedroom Reveal

This post is a long time coming… You may remember my inspiration post from when I was pregnant, but it wasn’t until we had a photographer coming to take Henry’s newborn photos at our house that we actually finished this project (I was literally spray painting the dresser at 8:00 pm the night before pictures). Any other procrastinators out there who have to be pushed into finishing projects?

Despite the fact that I was spray painting furniture in the dark the night before pictures, the boys’ bedroom ended up looking great!

Jeff and I really wanted to focus on using what we already had with this room instead of buying new furniture. We had the iron bed frame that we used for Jack’s bed in our basement already and just cleaned it up and spray painted it a matte black. Since the dresser was painted white, it didn’t really fit with the rest of the room, so we painted it black as well. We decided to leave the crib it’s original wood color – I like the mix of the rich wood tones and black against the bright green wall (Sherwin Williams Talipot Palm) – and also left the chest of drawers and rocking chair just stained wood.

Most of our money in this room was spent on items we used to tie all the mismatched furniture together, like the rug, throw pillows, and bedding. I wanted pretty neutral bedding since we went with such a bright color on the walls, and the rug was a must so the boys would have a soft place to play on the floor. We switched the light to a ceiling fan that my parents had leftover from their house remodel a few years ago. It’s a lot more functional for the space and ties in the black and wood tones from the rest of the room.

We decided to use the dresser as a changing table again because that worked really well when Jack was a baby. I got the changing pad cover and the matching crib sheet from Spearmint Love.

I found the Smokey Bear poster on Etsy and used a frame we already had. I bought the letters from Hobby Lobby and my mom used her Cricut machine to make the “is for Jack” and “is for Henry” sayings, then we simply stuck those into the existing signs to personalize them. The trash can by the changing table is one of my favorite pieces in the room – it has a map of the United States on it and it belonged to my great aunt, who was a school teacher. She had it in her classroom, I think, and I always loved looking at it when I would go to get house when I was little.

My parents got us a huge map of the United States that shows all the National Parks from a sweet woman who was working at the Ranger Station on the Natchez Trace when they were on a trip, and I still have to get it framed. I’m planning to hang it over Henry’s crib.

We also invested in these blinds from Lowe’s – I love that they don’t have a cord on them. It makes them a lot safer for our boys and it just has a cleaner look.

I hung the boys’ hospital door hangers on their closet doors. Our next project will be organizing the closet to make it function for both boys. Right now, we use the dresser/changing table for Henry’s things and the chest of drawers for Jack’s. It’s working pretty well, but I do need to get the closet set up so their hanging clothes are more organized and I need a better way to store shoes, extra diapers, and toys.

I still have a few little projects that I’ll add (like the National Parks banner that I talked about in this post), but for right now this space is finally functional for us and it’s done for the moment. Now we just need to get Jack to sleep in his bed instead of ours (which has been way harder than any DIY project we’ve done so far). Wish us luck.

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