Corona Chronicles 2020

This is such a strange time.

I don’t think I’ve ever actually been afraid of a virus before, but I do have moments of fear when I let my mind go through the worst case scenarios of what would happen if one of us gets sick. The boys and I are home since the schools have closed, but Jeff is still working. He works at the hospital, so I’m worried that he’s going to catch the virus and bring it home and pass it to the boys. I’m trying my best to not let fear control me, and most of the time, I can push it aside and enjoy this rare gift of extra time with my family. However, as a mother, I can’t help but worry a little bit. That doesn’t mean I don’t have faith. It just means I’m normal and human.

I’m really not even sure how I feel a lot of the time. Sometimes, I’m afraid and worried about the health of my kids and husband and extended family. Other times, I feel at perfect peace being home (getting to live my dream of being a stay-at-home mom for a little while). My boys aren’t old enough to know or understand what’s going on in the world right now. They just know that they’re home with mom, and I’m trying my best to make these days with them count.

Here’s what we’ve been up to during the first week of our quarantine (including the good, the bad, and the ugly):

Day One: Sunday, March 15

Our church did meet today, but we stayed home because both boys had runny noses and a little cough (that first cold from daycare). We took Henry’s weekly picture, Jeff ventured out to the grocery store to get groceries for the week, and we had a pretty normal Sunday.

Day Two: Monday, March 16

I’m trying to limit TV during the day because Jack gets addicted to it so easily and I don’t want us to spend all our time in front of a screen, so we filled our day with lots of playtime on the back deck. We baked banana bread and took some over to our neighbors, took a family walk, and had chicken and broccoli casserole for dinner.

Day Three: Tuesday, March 17

Jack and I made some fun handprint art to review his letters while Henry napped. We watched Cars on Disney+ and deep cleaned the couch. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the sunshine for a while this afternoon. We set up an obstacle course on the back deck and Jack loved running through it over and over. I made taco zucchini boats for dinner (recipe coming soon).

Day Four: Wednesday, March 18

We had originally planned to go see my mom, but Jack woke up with a fever, so we stayed put and spent the whole day snuggling on the couch, watching movies, and eating ice cream. I know I cooked, but can’t remember what. The stores were low on lots of our normal foods, so I’m already having to get creative with our meals.

Day Five: Thursday, March 19

Thankfully, Jack was feeling better today. We spent most of the day playing and drawing pictures to send to family members who we can’t visit right now. After a full day of TV, Jack spent a solid 30 minutes pouting and crying and hiding under the kitchen counter because I wouldn’t turn on his show. He ended up telling me that he couldn’t play with any of his toys because he didn’t like them and needed his TV. I ended up grabbing a trash bag and stuffing it full of every single toy from the den. When I carried the bag outside, and it sank in that I had just taken all of his toys, he changed his mind and stopped crying and is now earning his toys back one at a time with good behavior. I don’t know if that’s good parenting or if I’m just giving him a good story to talk about in therapy one day, but it stopped his tantrum and we all survived. It’s definitely not all rainbows and butterflies in quarantine with a toddler.

Henry also insisted on being held for most of the day and I was extra thankful to see Jeff when he got home from work. I’m not trying to complain – just sharing real life and that, despite being a homebody, this many days of staying home on lockdown have the walls closing in for all of us.

Day Six: Friday, March 20

We cleaned and organized the bedroom today. I have so many projects I want to get done (I notice so many things when I’m home for a while), but just started with simply cleaning out closets and doing all the laundry.

Jack and Henry were both in better moods. We’re starting to get a little stir crazy and all needed a change of scenery, so we piled in the car for a little drive and picked up dinner at a local restaurant on our way back home. We ended the day with a family dance party.

Day Seven: Saturday, March 21

We got Jack some new, clean sand for his sand box and Jeff let me take an epic nap this afternoon. Dinner options are starting to look like a bad episode of Chopped and we’ll have to do a grocery run soon. The boys are all off their normal schedules, but we’re still hanging in there and everything is fine.

As we continue this quarantine (schools are closed for at least two more weeks), I’m trying to set some personal goals for things like working out and developing some new recipes to share, but this week was all about adapting to our new normal and surviving.

How are you practicing social distancing and how’s it going for you so far? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Ellen Wallace March 22, 2020 / 10:01 am

    Pretty weather saved me. I cleaned and set up the water table. Rubber boots helped with soggy ground. Unfortunately, it’s raining today. We’ve got church online at 11. Hopefully, Lilah will nap after lunch. We usually walk to the post office or up to the church playground. Thankfully, we’re close. Love y’all from afar.

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