A Different Kind of Easter

Easter Sunday for us usually consists of opening Easter baskets and eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast before getting dressed up in our new matching outfits and going to church with my grandparents. After church, we usually join in with their church for a potluck lunch and egg hunt followed by spending the afternoon at my grandparents’ house and hunting eggs hidden by my grandfather, who is the best egg hider ever. (He once buried the prize egg in the yard and stood on it while we were hunting.)

Jack with my grandparents on Easter 2018.

This year has definitely been different. We woke up on Easter Sunday with nowhere to go, stayed in pajamas and cozy clothes all day, and ate cinnamon rolls out of a can instead of my mom’s homemade ones. We had bad weather and spent the afternoon hunkered down in the basement instead of hunting eggs.

It mag have been an Easter like we’ve never experienced before, but our reason to celebrate is the same. No matter what our circumstances on this Easter Sunday, Jesus is still alive and on the throne and that’s worthy of our celebration and praise.

Despite missing out on some of our favorite traditions, this has been a sweet Easter season. In fact, doing things in a totally different way has gotten me thinking about some of our traditions and some new things I’d like to implement in the future. I have loved seeing on my social media how other people have chosen to celebrate from home, and some of the ideas I’ve seen are just so cute that I want to try to add them to our celebration next year.

One tradition we love is our annual Easter Egg Hunt at church. On the Wednesday before Easter, our church has a special service just for the kids with a guest speaker, fun music, an egg hunt, and food and fellowship.

While our egg hunt had to be cancelled this year, we still had fun hunting eggs at home. One of Jack’s Sunday School teachers delivered a bag of Easter goodies for Jack and Henry, which Jack loved. He was totally surprised and excited to get his own mail (she put them in our mailbox, and he was so excited when I took him to get the mail and he found them).

We also took an egg hunt to our cousins’ house, which was really fun. We egged their house on Thursday, then they egged us back on Saturday. Jack loved hiding the eggs for them, and I think this might be a new yearly tradition for us.

I saw a post by Kate from The Small Things Blog on Instagram where she mentioned that the Easter Bunny came to visit her kids on Friday night and they got their baskets and did their egg hunt on Saturday. I actually really love the idea of getting the Easter bunny stuff over with on Saturday so that Sunday is reserved just for celebrating Jesus. I think I’m definitely going to start that with my kids next year. This year, we filled baskets for the kids to open on Sunday, and they loved their gifts (please excuse Jack’s lack of clothes – quarantine has really lowered our standards over here and he basically lives in just his Pull Up these days).

Another fun thing we did this year was complete a painting kit put together by Created Resources (a local business here in Tuscaloosa). Jack loved painting his canvas, and the final product is a great keepsake for me to keep.

Our church has done such a great job with online services since this whole thing started, and we enjoyed watching our church service at home this morning. While I’m thankful that technology allows us to still hear a message from our pastor and praise team each week, I really miss going to church. I can’t wait to be able to go back to church and worship with our church family under one roof. You can watch our Easter Sunday service here.

This was Henry’s first Easter, and I am a little sad that he missed out on some of our normal traditions (especially time with family), but I was able to get a few good pictures of him in his Easter outfit (the same one Jack wore for his first Easter).

This may have been a very different Easter week, but it’s still been a special time with my boys. I hope that you’ve had a blessed Easter week as well.

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