Letters to Jack – November 2017

Dear Jack,

You are four months old today. You’ve had quite a month, little man.

You have experienced so many firsts this month. You had your first Halloween, and we went to the Fall Festival at Mamaw and Pop Pop’s church. Everyone loved your costume.

We found out that you love watching The Wiggles and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You especially love Mickey’s Hot Dog Dance.

You had your first bad cold and missed a whole week of school.

You look cute even when you’re sick.

You also made your first craft at daycare this month! I was so surprised when I picked you up last Friday and your teacher gave me your footprint turkey. I’m so glad that you have a great daycare with teachers who take the time to make things like that with you.

Your daddy and I took you for your first walk around Lake Lurleen this month. I’m sure it will be the first of many. We love Lake Lurleen and have been going there together since we started dating, so we were excited to take you out there for your first time. You slept for most of our walk, but during the time you were awake, you loved being outside.

This week, you made your first trip to the beach. We went to Destin with Mamaw and Papaw Hoot, Mamaw Tina and Pop Pop, and Uncle Joe Paul. You were the center of attention for the whole trip. You loved watching the waves when we went for a walk on the beach, and you had fun when we played putt putt golf. You and I actually played a pretty good round together!

Today was your first Thanksgiving, and we spent most of it driving home from the beach. You are such a good little traveler! You slept most of the way home today. Then, we went to Michelle and Kevin’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. You loved watching Jon and Zachary play. It won’t be long before you’re tagging along behind them.

We love you, little man!


Mama and Daddy

Jack’s Newborn Pictures

Last fall, I saw a friend’s post on Facebook sharing her daughter’s senior pictures and talking about a new photographer who was just starting out in the business in Northport. I loved the pictures, and clicked on the link to go to the photographer’s page and clicked through most of her albums. I loved the pictures that I saw, and decided to contact her to set up a time to have some pictures of Jeff and me made. We didn’t have engagement photos done before we got married, and I wanted some really good pictures of us in casual clothes and a natural setting. We set up the appointment (my husband agreed to go to make me happy) and in October, we met Heather from New Creation Photography at Lake Nichol in Tuscaloosa to have our pictures made.

The pictures turned out amazing, so when we found out that we were pregnant a few weeks later, I knew that I wanted to call Heather again to do maternity pictures and newborn pictures when the baby arrived.

I shared images from our maternity session a few months ago, and was thrilled with how they turned out. When we had those pictures made, we planned to have Heather come to the hospital after the baby was born to take some newborn photos for us in the hospital. I had saved some images from Pinterest that I liked and, as always, Heather made my picture-loving dreams come true.

Here are Jack’s newborn photos, made by Heather from New Creation Photography.