Keeping up with the Wallaces!

These last few weeks have been crazy busy. My husband and I started the Whole 30 challenge on Monday, October 10th. Somehow, he finished way earlier than I did…

I’m currently on day 9, and I’m honestly surprised that it actually hasn’t been that hard. I do miss bread (a LOT), but because you can eat so many fruits and veggies, I haven’t really felt super hungry or deprived, which is a really good thing when it comes to diets.

However, I do feel that my cooking game has been knocked off kilter since I started this challenge. There are only so many ways to cook chicken and fresh veggies… I have realized that almost ALL my recipes use some kind of forbidden food like flour, canned soup, or sugar. I know Jeff is ready for me to be doing something in the kitchen besides roasting chicken and I’m trying to come up with some creative ways to cook healthy meals that even the non-dieter in the house will enjoy.

Here are some of the meals I have been relying on to get through this challenge so far:

Roasted chicken breast with green beans – I love bone-in chicken for roasting. Wash the chicken breasts and place on a greased cookie sheet. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, and parsley flakes. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the chicken (these breasts were HUGE, so I had to cook mine for an hour).

Most of the time, my breakfast and lunch look like this. I try to stick to something easy to pack, so I take Sundays to prep all my veggies so I can just toss some in a bowl at night before bed and they’re ready to go in the morning. I also include some slices of deli turkey for protein.

I just found out about these AMAZING little snack bars and they are a game changer! I was really missing my granola bar for breakfast every morning, and these little bars satisfy that craving without any of the bad for you ingredients that are in my typical bar.

Jeff has been working hard on the grill since we started this challenge. He grilled burgers for us a couple times (I ate mine without a bun), and last week I found these awesome steaks on sale at Publix and couldn’t pass them up.

Jeff said he has eaten more fruits and veggies in the last week than he has all year leading up to this challenge. I think he’s sick of broccoli…haha.

Besides the Whole 30, I’ve been super busy at school. We’ve just started a new nine-weeks. My 11th grade students are about to start reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. To kick off the unit, I am hosting a Gatsby Soirée in my classroom next Friday featuring all things inspired by the 1920s. There will be 1920s food, 1920s music, 1920s fashion, and 1920s dancing. I am still researching the food that I’m going to make for my students, and I can’t wait to share the recipes I find with you guys next week.

On Sunday, we gained a new member of the family!  Meet Hemingway, our new kitten!

He is a feisty little guy who loves jumping all over the couch, hiding under the furniture, and attacking the cords on our blinds. George is NOT happy at all about this new addition, but we read that it is actually pretty normal for an older cat to resist adding a new cat to the family at first and we’re hoping he will come around. Does anyone have any suggestions for making the transition smoother? George has been extremely ticked off at us since we brought Hemingway home and has decided that he’s going to just camp out in the basement and ignore all of us. Hopefully he’ll get over it soon.