Five on Friday – Instagram Accounts to Follow for Whole 30 Inspiration

One thing that is so important for having a successful Whole 30 is surrounding yourself with people who support you and inspire you to keep going. My family is very supportive of me doing this challenge, but they aren’t actually participating in the challenge with me. I’ve found that it is really nice to join the Whole 30 community on either Facebook or Instagram for inspiration and motivation during the program. I listed my favorite Instagram accounts for Whole 30 inspiration below:

  • Just Jessie B. – She has TONS of great Whole 30 and Paleo recipes and does lots of beauty and fashion tips. I love watching her stories!
  • Nutrition with Kate – If you want someone who is going to give it to you straight and keep your feet to the fire about following the program rules, Kate is the perfect person to follow! She is a certified Whole 30 Coach and gives great tips and recipes!
  • Paleo Bailey – This girl is so fun to follow! Her health journey is so inspiring and she’s funny. I love following along with her as I’m going through my Whole 30 challenge.
  • Primal Gourmet – Y’all, not only is this guy an amazing chef with daily videos of how to make super yummy Whole 30 dishes, but he is hilarious. You don’t want to miss his stories where he shares his daily entry in his Whole 30 Day by Day journal – his non-scale victories are the best!
  • Jenna’s Whole Journey – Being positive during the Whole 30 is a challenge some days, but this girl always has a smile on her face! She’s done successful Whole 30s in the past and is rocking this January reset.

And a bonus account, just because… If you are doing a Whole 30 and you aren’t following Whole 30 Recipes on Instagram, what are you even doing with your life? They are a MUST FOLLOW if you’re doing or thinking about doing a Whole 30.